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Clinical Science on Digestive Health & Microflora

The human digestive system is teeming with its own microbiome, which has a genome 150 times larger than the human genome. When this microflora is in optimum balance, the human gut operates as a communication center for immunity, metabolic health, digestion, cognition and many other vital functions. It’s a new exciting area of science that will no doubt play a more significant role in developing a personalized approach to medicine in your daily practice.

This learning center is designed to offer you the most relevant and up to date information on how to address microflora balance and gastrointestinal health for your patients.




Cessation of Breast Milk Alters Infant Microbiome

By Kimberly Lord Stewart It’s widely accepted that the delivery mode, whether vaginally or C-section, shapes the manner in which an infant’s healthy microbiota are established. Vaginal deliveries are preferred to help colonize an infant’s healthy bacteria. A new study, published in Cell Host & Microbe, confirmed this understanding and found the cessation of breastfeeding […]

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Microbiome, the human ecosystem

By Jesse Davis, DC Twenty-five years ago, the role of microorganisms and health was dominated by the question of what pathogen caused a particular disease, and then how to kill it. While that is still the primary paradigm regarding microorganisms and health, there has been a massive growth and interest in another aspect of microbes […]

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Put Some Color on Your Plate for Better Health

The founder of Food+Spirit, Deanna Minich, Ph.D., shares her experiences as a functional nutritionist and detox specialist. Her most recent Detox Summit educated 70,000 practitioners and patients on the physiological and psychological value of restoring one’s body back to health by focusing on phytonutrient-rich foods. She has motivated thousands of people to get back on […]

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Genus, Species and Strains: A Probiotic Primer

WHITE PAPER What’s In Your Probiotic? A probiotic is only as good as its bacterial components. Organized by genus, species and strains, bacteria do battle in the body with different strains exerting discrete benefits for different parts of the body. Probiotics’ adaptive qualities make them stellar defenders of gut health, as they perform double duty […]

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Micro-Flora: A Community of Wellness

By Erin Stokes, ND There is a reason words like culture and colonies are used to describe the human microbiome. It’s about community. As with any healthy community, our gut has certain requirements to remain healthy including diversity, communication, environment and nurturing. When one of these components falls away, our microbiome falls out of balance. […]

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Oh, What a Relief! Exclusion Diets Curb GERD

Food Intolerances Linked to GERD This trial tested the theory that gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) could be reduced with exclusion diets based on food intolerance tests, specifically for patients who don’t respond to proton-pump inhibitors. Published in World J. of Gastroenterology, Dec. 2014. A simple blood test for food intolerances could go a long way […]

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