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INNATE-EDU Learning Centers

We understand that finding the right protocols to meet your patient’s health needs can be daunting. Integrative medicine requires a unique skill set to take time to identify the core cause of patient symptoms and then put together a plan to systematically address each health issue layer by layer. This is why we have developed INNATE.EDU Learning Centers. Each one is a community of peers and a collection of information to help you address patient care at its core foundation.

Endocrine Learning Center

Read up on the latest science on adrenal health and practice protocols to address health issues related to chronic stress. More …

Gut Health Learning Center

The human microbiome is a fascinating new realm of medicine that overlaps into nearly every aspect of wellness. See how to help your patients build and develop balanced microflora for gut health and immunity. More …

 Endocrine Learning Center

Chronic stress constantly nicks away at the rungs of support for health and wellness. Sixty one percent of American cite stress as a daily barrier. This learning centers offers tangible solutions for your clinical practice on ways to address this modern day health epidemic.

Foundational Nutrition

Good health doesn’t happen overnight. It is built day-by-day with healthy habits and lifestyle choices. As our farming methods shift toward mass scale operations and away from optimal soil science, many Americans don’t get the adequate intake of key nutrients. This content category is designed to offer the latest science and peer advice to help your patients integrate foundational wellness into their daily lives.

Seasonal Wellness

We buy food seasonally, so why shouldn’t health advice and therapies follow the same path. Each season warrants its own medical advice. The Seasonal Wellness learning center offers sage advice from the four seasons of health.