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The Power of Protein

by Erin Stokes, ND, Medical Director at FoodState®

proteinAll of us need regular protein intake, since our bodies do not naturally store amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Therefore, it’s vital to include adequate and high quality protein in our diets every day.

Why is protein crucial to our health and well-being? In reality, there are different groups of proteins, each with a different function. One of the most important groups is enzymes. Most enzymes are proteins, and life simply could not exist without enzymes driving the biochemical reactions that need to happen in our body. Another group of proteins is antibodies, also referred to as immunoglobulins. Antibodies bind directly to viruses and bacteria and activate other components of the immune system to rid the body of pathogens. Protein is also a key component of every cell of the body and is an important building block for muscle tissue. Adequate protein intake speeds up both muscle growth and recovery. In addition to these duties, protein plays an important role in stabilizing blood glucose levels, a condition that our patients feel the effects of every day.

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