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Add Phytonutrients to Kids’ Diets without Tantrums (from the kids or the parents)

OPINION by Matt Hand, DO

Matt Hand, DO, and integrative pediatric nephrologist, offers advice on how to get kids to eat more phytonutrients. In his pediatric practice, Dr. Hand frequently treats children with kidney disease and diabetes, conditions where a healthy diet is a vital component of treatment. In his column he offers advice on how to remove the eating power struggle between parents and children and teach kids to learn the value of a healing diet.

Child eating strawberriesNo matter whether a child is healthy or not, getting them to eat well is very hard to do. In our overly abundant food culture, we have a constant bombardment of foods that are not particularly healthy. They are very low in quality, phytonutrients and nutritional value. They are also calorie dense, particularly related to sugars and starches. In conjunction, sometimes there is a false sense of the value of the foods because we are told they are enriched with something that sounds healthy. It really becomes a dilemma for parents to encourage their kids to eat healthy.

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