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You, Me and We

Learn more about helping patients choose the right probiotic for their needs.

What’s the Fuss about Low Dietary Acid Diets?

Specific diet tips for kidney health.

What Women Need to Know

In this interview, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog discusses life-stage health protocols for women throughout their lives.

The Trouble with Micronutrients:
Optimal Intake in Modern Life

How modern farming is contributing to nutrient depletions in soil and the foods we eat.

The Modern Microbiome

Managing stress for digestive health.

Eating for Health

Today’s risk-averse culture is hindering what and how we eat. Learn how to help patients do better.

The Infant Microbiome from Womb to First Year

The connection between the microbiome and infant cognitive development.

Ticked Off Doctors Resort to Alternatives
for Lyme Disease Therapy

What’s fueling the controversy around Lyme Disease? Learn how this issue began and new alternatives for treatment.

Clinical Advantage of Restoring Gut Health

How do microbiota populate and why is it important?

Selenium in the Body: Selenoproteins

The latest on how selenium is being used and investigated in patients with viral infections. 

A Macro Look at Digestive Enzymes

The scoop on stomach acid, antacids, allergies and decreased protein digestion.

How Microbial Life Enriches Health

Learn about the connection between microbes and complex diseases.

Simple Advice for a Patient Detox Plan

How to get your patient’s mind in the wellness game to support successful, sustained lifestyle improvements. 


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