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What is VPTO?

by Erin Stokes, ND If you want to feel better in your own life, one of the best things you can do is to volunteer to help others. Studies have repeatedly shown that volunteering our time for a cause that we believe in helps us feel more connected to other people and less isolated. Yet, it can be […]

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CSA at INNATE Response

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and has become an increasingly popular way for farmers to connect their local community with their fresh grown, just-harvested produce. This relationship between farmers and their local community is a win/win, as the community invests in advance to support the farm and gains access to […]

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Digestive Enzymes Clinical Strength

by Kevin Lamberg Digestive enzymes serve as one of the body’s primary mechanisms of macronutrient breakdown. They enable the body to maximize the valuable nutrition contained within the foods that make up the modern diet. Without them, the body cannot effectively breakdown and utilize needed nutrients. Because they are so critical to maintain optimal health, […]

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A Dose of Foundation Nutrition

By Kevin Lamberg As a company that uses fruits, vegetables and Saccharomyces cerevisiae to deliver our foundational nutrients, we are intimately acquainted with the ongoing debate between megavitamin therapy, food concentrates, and whole-food diets. When it comes to maintaining health, is one way better than all the others, or do they all have a place […]

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A Synergistic Approach to Supporting Digestive Health

By Kevin Lamberg Many wholistic-minded practitioners believe optimal gastrointestinal health is the first step in maintaining and restoring the innate healing potential of the body. Sadly, chronic illness from poor lifestyle choices now make up more than 75 percent of the burden of health care costs in the United States.[1] An increase in stress levels, […]

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Research Update: Chromium, Selenium and Pea Protein

Compiled & edited by Kimberly Lord Stewart Most clinical studies focus on the role of drug efficacy for type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. However, there have been a number of recent studies using various supplements and foods commonly found in a holistic providers toolkit. The following is a summary of recent research on […]

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Low on Energy? Don’t Forget Iron.

By Erin Stokes, ND One of the most common complaints I hear about from women that I work with in my naturopathic practice is fatigue. There are so many different avenues to pursue as a practitioner when investigating low energy levels, which means it can be challenging to know where to start. In therapeutic order, […]

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The INNATE Testing Process

By Kevin Lamberg The INNATE Response™ laboratory holds ISO 9001 certification which is a testimony to our commitment to our practitioners and their patients through our investment in advanced production and testing processes. Critically important to this entire process is designing a way to measure the nutrients in our products before and after production. Every […]

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