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Erin Stokes, N.D.

Medical Director at INNATE ResponseErin Stokes, ND Bio Photo

Erin’s personal mission is to empower people with the inspiration and tools to change their lives. She received her Naturopathic Doctor degree from Bastyr University in 2001. Shortly afterwards she began to pursue her passion for educating others by teaching Western Pathology and Psychology of Healing at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado. Erin combines her experience as a Naturopathic Doctor with an extensive background in the natural retail industry. Most recently she worked as a Lead Practitioner at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy for 6.5 years. The focus of Erin’s Naturopathic practice in Boulder, Colorado is on healthy Moms. She believes, “When moms are healthy, the world can be healthy.”





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Milk Thistle – An Affinity for the Liver

by Erin Stokes, ND How does an herb have an affinity for a specific organ, such as milk thistle (Silybum marianum) for the liver and hawthorne (Crataegus oxycantha) for the heart? There is an innate intelligence in plants, and this natural affinity to organs demonstrates a layer of depth where herbs work even beyond supporting […]

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Top 3 Botanicals for Healthy Inflammation

By Erin Stokes, ND Inflammation is on the radar for many of our patients. People often ask me, “What do you believe are the best plants that help maintain healthy inflammation?” Here are my Top 3 Botanicals: Turmeric has been widely utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. A rhizome that is a staple […]

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Time to Talk Inflammation

By Erin Stokes, ND Inflammation has become a buzzword in the media. In fact, over a decade ago, inflammation appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, a sign that it has definitively found its way into the mainstream lexicon.[1] As practitioners, we understand the supreme importance of addressing healthy inflammation with all of our patients. […]

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Micro-Flora: A Community of Wellness

By Erin Stokes, ND There is a reason words like culture and colonies are used to describe the human microbiome. It’s about community. As with any healthy community, our gut has certain requirements to remain healthy including diversity, communication, environment and nurturing. When one of these components falls away, our microbiome falls out of balance. […]

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