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Company Culture at INNATE Response

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by Erin Stokes, ND

At INNATE Response, we take our company culture to heart. In fact, we created a set of core values to guide our company culture along the way. We realize that being a team made up of a diverse group of individuals, these core values foster a working environment where we can make a true difference in our mission of improving lives by staying true to the intention of food (and have fun changing the world too!).

So, if improving lives is what we do, then our core values are how we do it.

Let’s explore each one of our 8 Core Values:

  • Share the Love – When we’re working hard every day doing something we love, it is also important to remember to share the love. At INNATE Response, we have opportunities to do this through our MVP nominations of fellow employees, as well as with “Sharing the Love” postcards, where we can write a note to a colleague who has helped or inspired us in some way.
  • Build Trust – This was our theme throughout 2015, and we liked it so much, we decided to make it a core value! Building trust by doing what we say and working together as a team helps us improve lives and inspire others with integrity.
  • Make it Better – There is always an opportunity to “Make it Better”. Our focus is on improving the lives of people by improving their health and wellness. If we see a way to make something better or improve a process, we are empowered to take action on this.
  • Think Like an Owner – We all know how a company owner lovingly cares for his/her business, while maximizing productivity and watching costs at the same time? When we each think like an owner, this helps our company grow in a sustainable manner.
  • Be Real – This means speaking up truthfully and with compassion. We all have something unique to offer when we bring our authentic selves forward.
  • Value Health and Wellness – This core value may seem inherent in all that what we do, and it’s also an important reminder that as part of the INNATE Response team, we need to “walk the talk” – valuing our own individual health and wellness, as well as that of our families.
  • Pursue Passion – We have co-workers who are passionate about hiking, beekeeping, gardening and more! Pursuing passion allows us to bring energy and vitality to the work that we do by staying well-rounded in what brings us joy.
  • Enjoy the Journey – Well, life just wouldn’t be quite the same if we didn’t find a way to enjoy the journey! Of course, we work really hard every day here at INNATE Response to improve lives, and we take time to enjoy ourselves along the way with lots of laughter and company celebrations.


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