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“Big T” Transparency

by Erin Stokes, ND


You’veTransparency likely been hearing this word more often lately, but what exactly does it mean?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition that applies most directly is “characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.” Transparency has become a buzzword utilized by many companies these days, so it’s important to dig a little deeper to find out exactly how a company interprets transparency, and what they are doing to demonstrate their commitment.

At INNATE Response, we like to redefine transparency as “Big T” Transparency, where the Big T stands for Trust. As our CEO Robert Craven says, “To me, ‘Big T’ Transparency means we’re not just talking about it – we’re doing something.”

What do we do to demonstrate transparency and earn the trust of practitioners who recommend our supplements and their patients who take them?

One of the most tangible and unique actions that demonstrate “Big T” Transparency is sharing our live facility cameras. Yes, that’s right, via live cams, you can go directly to our manufacturing facility and see exactly how your supplements are being made, right now! On these cameras, you’ll be able to view our gentle Refractance Window Dryer™ (RWD) in action, while it dries the whole foods that come into our facility. Utilizing Refractance Window Drying technology we can preserve the color, aroma and taste of our FoodState Nutrients™. With our live cams, you can also view what’s going on in our internationally certified (ISO 9001) laboratory, where we ensure the quality of our supplements by conducting nutrient potency testing, botanical testing, as well as heavy metal testing. Interested in taking a closer look at the nutrient blending, tableting and packaging of the supplements that you recommend to your patients? It’s all there for you to see. Now that’s truly taking Transparency to another level!

Watch Live Cams

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